Blitware Billing Policy

Blitware's products are typically sold for their Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, which can be found on the Blitware Products page. From time to time, Blitware and its authorized resellers may offer discounts or special offers, including volume or bundle discounts.

Blitware does not rebill you. Your credit card information will never be stored or re-processed by Blitware.

Before processing your purchase, Blitware will always show you the exact, full amount, in the currency you choose, on the same page where your credit card information is collected. The price will always be "above the fold" and clearly prominent.

Blitware takes reasonable steps to refuse unauthorized or accidental payments. Should you wish to reverse a charge from Blitware, you are covered by Blitware's refund policy, outlined below.

Customers who have any concerns about their bill from Blitware are encouraged to contact Blitware's support center at

Blitware works with world-class payment providers such as PayPal to transact your sale and deliver your product.

Blitware Return Policy

If, before 60 days from the original purchase, a customer is dissatisfied with a product purchased from Blitware, and the customer requests a refund, Blitware will credit the original purchase price back to the customer. The refund credit will be applied only to the account used to make the original purchase.

Should a customer of Blitware's contact Blitware Support, Blitware's first response will be to attempt to assist the customer with the use of the product. The assistance may include technical support, additional product instructions, and requests for additional information with regards to the customer's use of the product. Should the product still be deemed unsatisfactory by the customer, and the customer requests a refund, Blitware will issue a refund for the customer's purchase.

Blitware will issue a refund for a sale for several reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Customer dissatisfaction with the product that cannot be resolved
  • Verifiable information that the original purchase was made using fraudulent or unauthorized payment
  • To ensure compliance with any banking or payment processing partners

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact Blitware Support.